lv small agenda w/coach refill day-on-a-page

  1. This COACH agenda cost $22. THey also make them to fit the other size LV agendas. (At one time coach made agendas with a binder, like lv. They don't anymore, but they still sell the inserts.) i love mine- if you are interested, ask a coach sa. they don't have these 'out' and they can be difficult to find online. sorry for the huge photo.

  2. I can't really see the link anytime I try to enlarge..
  3. thanks for the tips
  4. does coach also carry pen that will fit in the agenda?
  5. I can't help it and I know it's ridiculous- I just love my LV agenda pages - love those gold edges! But that's a great tip. Kate Spade pages fit as well, so do pocket Filofax. I bought the Tiffany classic blue pen and it fits my medium agenda perfectly and looks really pretty.
  6. not that i know of= i have a coach agenda that came with a matching pen and it does not fit in the lv agenda. (the agendas are the same size, approx.)

  7. i actually just ordered the lv agenda insert to go in my new pomme agenda (that i'm returning). can't decide if i will exchange the agenda, or just return it. i love my tiffany pen, too. i think it looks pretty w/ the mono.