LV-sling bags? Which should I get?

  1. My mother, bless her soul, wants to buy me a LV for my birthday! :tender:

    but she very specifically wants to get me a sling bag, that can be worn across the body. (Probably so that she can borrow it. She loves sling bags)

    So yesterday I was at the boutique and I saw the musettes, but they didn't strike my fancy at all. There are too many fakes (and good ones, unlike speedy fakes which are immediately noticeable) so the moment I see a musette, the first thing that comes to my mind is ...."is it fake?"

    So which sling bag should I get? Does anyone have any recommendations for me? (I shouldn't pass up a chance for an LV, should I?)
  2. the Mono or Damier Musette Salsa (with the long strap)

    i have the Mono Musette Salsa, and i love it!
  3. I love my Trotteur! Also, the MC Sologne is great too!
  4. I would get a Monogram Perfo Musette if you're looking for something that doesn't look fake. Or if you are wanting somthing bigger I would get the Olav PM in Damier Canvas. It is so different and not everyone has it. I love my Olav GM.
  5. Does anyone have the Monogram Mini Berangere?
    It looks nice on the site, but I wonder if there are any 'visual aids' of this bag...
  6. I used to like this one and was actually on my "to buy" list, but crossed it off as soon as I saw it in real life at the store......really not my style....looks odd.......sorry just my opinion
  7. I really like the utah sac plat:yes:
  8. ^^^my fiance loves carrying that around.
  9. How does he find using it as I have been thinking of getting this bag?? I like a lot of the bags from the men's collection:love:
  10. What about the Pochette Twin? It is small, but the strap can be removed so you can use it as a clutch. Or you can double up the straps to shorten them.
  11. The Utha sac plat is hot I agree:yes:
  12. whT does
  13. sooory comp went weird. what does that look like. the utah plat?
  14. Here you go!:flowers: