LV slg or Tiffany's necklace?

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  1. hi everyone i need your opinion here. i have the opportunity this summer to get either a LV 6 key holder or a Tiffany's necklace...both are around the same price. But im having such a hard time picking one. i really want a Tiffany's as i dont own any yet but also want a key holder as i dont want to scratch up my new MC wallet...
    what do you think? i def NEED to pick up a key holder b4 the next price increase tho...Anyone knows when the next increase will happen?
  2. Usually every 6 months they increase the prices at LV. I think that last one was in the beginning of March. You should get the key holder... you definitely don't want to scratch up an MC items.. they're being discontinued 😕😕 I have the round key holder in the gm size and I love it! Plus, I don't think Tiffany raises their prices like LV does! 😊😊
  3. I say go for the key holder before the next price increase which is probably October if anything like last year.
  4. #4 Apr 26, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2014
    Ooh- tough call. Would depend on the Tiffany's necklace- which one it was! (Then maybe a coach key holder? Heard those were decent?) For myself- the key holder (LV) didn't work out so I went a different route....
  5. LV key holder then get the necklace
  6. +1 agreed

  7. +2
  8. New colors for the key holder are coming out July 1st, so I'd at least wait until then to see what they'll have if that's the way you decide to go.
  9. Key holder . I'm planning to get another lv item before the increase too. I agree Tiffany dosnt go up as much as lv
  10. +1
  11. This is tough. I have a number of tiffany necklaces and a 6 key holder. I guess it's depends how much you will wear the necklace. The key holder you would use everyday.

    I use my 6 key holder everyday but change my necklaces all the time , so I'm getting better value for my money with the key holder as I use it more. I also normally get jewellery as presents so they have more meaning to them.

    Good luck picking. Which key holder are you thinking and which necklace?
  12. hi thanks for the advice! i do agree that i will get more use out of the DE 6 keyholder as i'll use it everyday and im not that big of a jewelry person so i dont wear them often. I've been eyeing the infinity necklace since last year but always end up spending my $ on LV hahaa
  13. thanks that's good to know! I've heard about new colors in some of the wallets but not the key holder. i would love to get a DE print with a red interior :biggrin:

  14. I was about to ask which necklace as I am not much of a Tiffany's fan. But I do love the infinity necklace. I've had mine since 2011 and I love it. Since then, there have been so many infinity themed knock offs. It's also so nice that it is not obviously a Tiffany's necklace. I really find those a bit over the top.

    I am not a huge fan of the key holder as I find then rather "outdated" for my needs. My car key fobs do not fit and I never take my car keys out of my bag. And I never use house keys as all the locks are touch pad or iPhone operated. My office is card swiped access. As technology advances, keys become more and more antiquated.

    So my vote is for the lovely infinity necklace.
  15. Key holder, before the next price increase. Good luck on deciding. :smile: