LV SLG gift for Realtor?

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  1. I’d like to get some feedback regarding a small gift for our realtor. She got us our dream house and also sold our house in one day. She is giving us $1000 from her commission on the sale of our home for us to give as a credit for repairs to our buyers. I was thinking of getting the key cles as a thank you gift. Is that too small of a gift in your opinion?
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  2. Wow! That would be an amazing and well used present!
  3. I think it's very sweet of you! I'm sure she will love it :heart:
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  4. Thanks for the feedback! I feel so much better (and not self conscious) about my gift now. ❤️
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  5. Wow! Thats extremely generous of you. Personally, I think her thank you gift was you using her for both sale and purchase of your homes. She made a killing on the commissions. Don't feel like you owe her anything more just because she gave you the 1K. You're basically giving her $ back. Unless she's a personal friend of yours, then that's another story. JMHO
  6. The commissions she got on both sides is enough. There is really no need for gifts.
  7. It is very uncommon to give gifts to realtors. The best gift is to post a review and give referrals.
  8. I am a realtor and would be so happy with a client getting me a cles. That being said...getting a gift isn’t uncommon at all. I have many clients who get me gifts for a job well done...that being said the best gift I get is referrals. When someone refers me, it means I have done such a great job that you would recommend me to your friends and family..I would prefer that you a cles any day if the week.

    Congratulations on your new home. I hope you have many years of happiness there.

    Mand it is very kind and thoughtful of you to think of your realtor.
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    I’m a realtor myself. This is our appreciation to do for our client when we represent them during the sale of their home and through purchase of an new home.
    The best gift for a realtor is a feedback and referrals. Honesty, I rather have referrals and feedbacks as gifts!
  10. It’s a nice gesture but who knows if she needs or could use it. I think a gift card to a nice restaurant would be a better option. (And of course referrals).
  11. Glad it worked out.

    In my opinion, she did her job. A thank you gift really isn’t necessary.

    Depending where you live, houses are not staying on the market. Well, not the ones you want anyway.....

    Any decent realtor would give up part of their commission if they knew that would close the deal. They make money on selling the houses. They will do what needs to be done to get that money.

    Word of mouth is the best thank you and advertising for a realtor. I would refer everyone and anyone to her and tell them.

    Post on your fb and her linked in.

    If you really like your realtor personally then I would invite her to cookouts this summer, girls night for cocktails, etc....

    If you heart wants to get her a little something a business card holder would really be ideal.....
  12. We have given gifts to our relators especially when they have done an exceptional job and it sounds as if yours did just this for you. I personally suggest a gift card to a very nice local restaurant along with a handwritten note.
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  13. Thank you all for your feedback! Your opinions are really appreciated!

    Just to give you some background, I’m a teacher and I had my realtor’s son in my class a few years ago. Her son always told his mother that I was his favorite teacher. . So, she isn’t exactly a good friend but someone we knew and trusted.

    I really like the idea of giving a gift card to a local restaurant. I think I will go that route. Also, we definitely plan on writing a great review about her online and referring her to friends and family!