LV site

  1. Do you see it?:confused1:
  2. No, I can't open it since morning. I think they are adding movie from f/w07 mens RTW...
  3. it's says: This page is temporarely unavailable
    for technical reasons.
    We apologize for the inconvenience
  4. works now!!
  5. i hope they added pics of the amarante inclusion!
  6. Yes, the site works again.
  7. Oh, Whats New I Wonder!?
  8. Yeah it works for me now too.
  9. For the inclusions, it only shows Amarante as an option but no pics yet..:sad:
  10. I can't see pics of the Amarante either - does anyone know what colour that is?
  11. My SA says it's going to be a dark chocolate brown
  12. Direct from Karen, she says it will be a dark purpley/mauve color. I believe she's seen it in person but I can't be sure.