LV Site Says It All - Mono Groom is Limited Edition

  1. The LV site has a short but fun clip on the mono groom now:yes:....just for your info...
  2. Finally an end to the debate!
  3. Who said it was permanent?:confused1:
  4. well, there was a debate as to whether it was seasonal or limited.....
  5. exactly!!! what isn't limited nowadays anyway? :P
  6. Haha! I was just gonna post about this....also yep, says: "Limited Edition". So I guess this issue has been resolved. YAY!!! :yahoo:

    Cute lil animation too! :P
  7. make something limited and it will sell...
    Funny clip BTW

  8. see that's the confusion.... what exactly does seasonal and limited mean to you guys? aren't seasonal LV items limited anyway? the Grooms may be limited, but they're definitely not exclusive ;) jmho.
  9. What's the dif. between seasonal and limited?:shrugs: I am having a "Jessica moment" here.:nuts:
  10. My take is that:

    Seasonal has a larger run, i.e. being continuosly produced for a period abt 3 months as long as there is demand for it whilst
    Limited has a fixed amount produced, i.e. 1000 or 5000 pieces, once sold out, that's it.
  11. That was cute!
  12. There is no difference betwen seasonal and limited... seasons change so do the pieces so they bring out the new and get rid of the old... everyone does this, even kmart come on people
  13. Even if the piece is set at 5k pieces, its for the season... because when spring comes, they will new stuff and very little groom and or perfo. then we will hear how some one on here found a peice of the perfo or groom like they are doing now with the last of the cerises...
  14. This calls for a me vain but I do LOVE to collect pieces that are not so common, better value for money <hahaha>
  15. LIMITED: Eye Love Murakami Bags - Dalmatian - Onatha Fleur - Leopard - Fringe ...
    SEASONAL: Cerises - Perforation - Charms Collection ...

    It's all about how many pieces LV made.
    A seasonal collection can have a huge success and be sold out very fast

    A limited collection can still there for while if people don't like it.

    Also the limited edition never features small accessories.

    If the website says limited then it's limited.