LV Silver Miroir Keepall

  1. My SA told me that a silver miroir keepall came in and I went ahead and bought it. I'm going to pick it up either Wed or Thurs - I purchased it sight unseen, and she knows that if I don't want it, I'll be returning it. If I don't want it, does anyone here want my SA's name. She told me there is only one other silver keepall available worldwide. I received my gold miroir papillon today (it was shipped from another city), and I love it! The smaller size keeps all of that bling a bit more manageable! You can pm me, or just post a message here - I'll be checking back in later on. I'm having a sweet tooth attack, and I'm fixing some cookies and milk....:yes:
  2. Hi, I've been looking for a silver Miroir keepall, Please put me on your first list. Thanks very much.
  3. Will do!
  4. ohhh, whoever gets, come show us pics!
  5. ^Yes, please do!
  6. Ooh I know! I haven't seen many of these.
  7. I think the papillon is the perfect size for miroir. Very pretty and I love your shoes!
  8. Thank you so much! and the pretty shoes are gray flannel Christian Louboutins. Those are about as tall as I can do! And they are super comfortable for heels. :yes:
  9. And I love your dogs! They are beautiful. :heart:
  10. So pretty!! I love the Papillon!
  11. Thank you lovelygarments for posting your SA number. I decided the keep all is too bling for travel so did not call her. I'm still waiting in the waiting list for my Miroir Speedy, without knowing when will it be able to come.
  12. oh dear... it looks like I'll have to add the gold Papillon to my "To Buy" list.... LOL
  13. Beautiful purse. Funny, that purse is sort of like furniture; I think that if I were to get one I'd decide that my clothes were too shabby to wear with it and I'd have to upgrade ...then my hair would look too shabby so I couldn't carry it that day ...etc..