LV sightings @ the French Riviera...

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  1. I just came back from a great mini-break at the Côte d'Azur in France with my DH. We spent 4 lovely days in Eze, close to Monaco, and went to Nice & Grasse by car. I spotted lots of great bags, LV and other brands:
    At the airport: Neo speedy in blue, damier duomo, mono pochette, mono speedy.
    During the stay: Black epi pont neuf, ivory epi passy, several gucci totes, white mc pochette, a cute folded chanel clutch and some black prada evening bags.

    I used my azur speedy 30 as handluggage and a my every day bag during the trip, it was perfect. I did find that a pochette was a bit small as a shoulderbag together with the speedy - next time I'll bring a larger shoulderbag wher I can fit all paper + passports + wallet... And the best part was that my DH, who uset to be a real PHH, now commented on all the bags we saw & even pointed out the epi pont neuf to me: "thats a cool bag - isn't that the same leather as your pochette?" I was amazed - never thought this would happen...

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  2. I love côte d'azur! Of course your damier bag was perfect ^_^ Hope you had a great time!
  3. Awww you look good!Your husband is trained now eh?I hoped you had a nice time!
  4. Sounds like your having a good time.
  5. Awww, Côte d'Azur... must be fantastic!! and Azur looks perfect for it (see, Côte d'Azur?;)) You look fabulous!!
    Oh and your hubby is so cute! ~ wonder if it would ever happen to my dh........, nahh.
  6. Lucky I love Cote d'Azur, its my favorite region in France:smile: I need to go back soon its been 2 years! Im glad you had fun (of course you did its so beautiful!) and your Azur Speedy was PERFECT for the trip
  7. You look beautiful in that picture! Glad tha tyou had a nice vacation
  8. Hey is that the garden in Eze village ? I was there last year at around this time ! Did you go up to the cactus garden ? It's so gorgeous, and the view is amazing ~!
  9. Yep, we stayed at that hotel - it was amazing! And the cactus garden in the ruins was really nice - loved the view! What else did you see?
  10. [​IMG]

    absolutely beautiful! the scenery is beatiful too ;) i think Damier Azur is just perfect for trips like this. thanks for sharing :nuts:
  11. You look great, what a gorgeous view. I have the Azur speedy also I love it.
    Haha my son does that now also comments on peoples LVs, if you can't beat em, join em LOL
  12. Your picture is wonderful! You need to get it framed!
  13. Lovely pic; you're having my dream vacation. :yes:
  14. you look so good with the speedy. glad you had fun on your trip.
  15. The French Riviera is my absolute FAVE vacation spot...SIGH.....!!!Thanks for the pic..U look awesome..Glad u had a nice time!