LV Sightings-KoP Mall-Was it You?

  1. Went to King of Prussia Mall yesterday for Fall/Winter clothes and shoes. Of course, I headed to the "mothership." I tried on the Cornelia Ankle Boot in Grenat--beautiful, but having had a broken left ankle a few years ago does not allow me to wear over a 3 inch heel without pain (the cornelia's are 4.75 in). DH was busy checking out luggage. I found out he is totally in love with azur! I'm now planning on getting him a carryall in azur for X-mas.

    Saw so many beautiful women with equally as beautiful bags! I saw a mother with a BH pushing a stroller with a very cute blond haired, blue eyed toddler. An elegant woman who appeared to be about 50-60 in a chic brown leather blazer, jeans, and boots sporting a damier Alma. A very confident woman wearing a soft grey turtleneck sweater and grey trousers carrying a white Le Tal--it made an ordinary outfit look spectacular! Speedies of all kinds--mono, damier, azur, mini lin, and denim. I spotted no MC:sad:

    But the bag that piqued my interest the most was the young woman with the sonataire. She was slim, wearing a short denim skirt, footless tights, and a croppped sweater. It looked amazing on her. I have to totally check this bag out for myself! If it can make me look half as good as she did, then I am ALL for buying it! :tup:

    Anyway, just wanted to share my sightings and who knows, maybe Ms. Sonataire is a PFer! Thanks for reading!
  2. Love the report of your spottings! Maybe any of them were tPFers would be fun to know :smile:
  3. How fun! I love seeing LV when I'm out and about!!
  4. ^^Me too!