LV Sightings at Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City

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  1. Ms. Venezuela with her Manhattan PM
    lv venezuela.JPG
  2. That looks great on her! :smile:
  3. Ohhh... she's pretty AND has good taste!
  4. Isn't she pretty! and she looks great with the manhatten
  5. Aww she is beautiful!
  6. she's pretty with her manhattan!!
  7. Miss Ukraine in Mono Riverting
    Ms Ukraine.JPG
  8. ^^^ love it!!
  9. That pic of Miss Ukraine actually looks like it could be a print advertisement!
    Thanks for posting these!
  10. She's very pretty! I miss my manhattan pm now, lol... i passed it on to my mom to carry, i guess i could always get it back. hehe.
  11. LOVE those pics! Thanks for posting!!
  12. ooohh,, I cant wait to get my manhattan!!! it looks sooo cuuute!!!!
  13. great pictures... thanks for sharing....
  14. love that bag.
  15. Wow!! Love both of those bags!