LV Sighting on the Venice Canal Lol

  1. I was on the waterbus - vapareto - leaving Venice, Italy a couple of weeks ago, and snapping pics along the Canal on the way to the train station -- what do you think ? This lady have an Epi Alma? Lol -- looks like she's getting ready for a water taxi ride - I just thought she carried it well, even standing in a boat!

  2. I'm so jealous that you're always travelling the world!!!! You are soooo lucky!!!
  3. looks like an alma to me, kinda sorta lol....your always somewhere vista lol!!
  4. AHHHH I want to go to Venice!
  5. vista, i love your avatar picture! lol kitty!
  6. ohhh vista! venice! nice pic too!
  7. Oh here's another Venice pic you might like LOL -- as my DH says, "gotta have your priorities straight" .. upon arrival in Venice I went to LV first off! and Hermes -- picked up a Mirage Bandana and an H scarf ring that night -- here I am in St. Marks Square with my carrier bags - LOL


    I'm wearing my new Geranium Suhali bracelet I bought in Rome --- since I recently got the Le Tal Suhali in Geranium I was after an accessory, most are sold out in Canada, I was so pleased to get the bracelet! I wore it to dinner in Venice ... here's a pic as we sat outside for a wonderful Italian meal with true Venitian ambiance

  8. Nice pics, Vista :nuts: Love them all :yahoo:
  9. Thanks Miss Piggy :smile: ! I appreciate you checking them out, you know I have fun with my pictures LOL and LVs!
  10. Ya welcome :heart: I love seeing your pics along with your LV :nuts: Major eye candies :heart:
  11. OH Lovely.
  12. I really love that bracelet! congrats vista!!
  13. Sounds like a great trip & your bracelet looks great on!
    You have a wonderful eye for spotting the best in exotic locales, hmmm now I sound like a fortune cookie :upsidedown:
  14. WOW Vista! you are so lucky! *sign* I'd like to travel like that someday!
  15. Sooo cool!! Gorgeous pictures -- Venice looks gorgeous -- you are quite the traveller!