LV Sighting in Unexpected Place: Home Depot

  1. My parents are remodeling our house, therefore our local Home Depot is like a second home at the moment.
    Today, while waiting for my paint to be shaken (not stirred) I watched a tall, slender blonde go through check-out. She had on her arm a gorgeous mono speedy 30 with the prettiest dark honey colored patina I've ever seen IRL :drool:.
    I laughed out loud a little because when I walked out of my room I picked up my own mono speedy 30 and then set him back down, thinking having him at Home Depot seemed silly. I've carried him nearly every day since I bought him home from Paris in May, but I didn't think he went with my t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes (I decided not to carry a bag at all).
    Do ya'll every think that when you're leaving the house or do you always take along your favorite LV (or at least your favorite of the week :graucho:).
    Not an overly interesting story but I love seeing LV in unexpected places. Any similiar stories?
  2. I take my LV pretty much everywhere (including Home Depot lol!), except for the gym. I've seen quite a few LV at our Home Depot. We're renovating our house, so we're there way too much.
  3. I wear an LV no matter what I am wearing or where I am going, (amusement parks excluded) unless it is pouring rain.
  4. its funny u said this because my boyfriend and i are moving and we have been painting and re-doing our new place and we have gone to lowes and home depot like 20 times...and every time i took my speedy!!!! i would be covered head to toe in paint and dirt but my speedy always looked beautiful!!!!
  5. OMG when I saw the title of the thread I thought maybe you saw me yesterday LOL I was at Home Depot buying flooring yesterday and my trusty mono speedy went along!
  6. <---- I do get the strange "must be fake " looks whenever I'm at Walmart/Kmart with my denim fuschia baggy GM !!!!
  7. I wear Lou-Lou everywhere and anywhere!
  8. i bring mine everywhere i go! and i'm at Home Depot and Lowes A LOT!
  9. I take my LV pretty much everywhere too :smile:
  10. I Take my BH everywhere!! including wal-mart!!!
  11. I take my Louis anywhere, i just shift between handheld and shoulder depending on where I go :smile:
  12. I take my LV everywhere. I see lots of LV at my local Target, real ones.
  13. lol. when i read the title...i was like...omg was it me! lol.

    i wear mine everywhere. home depot, walmart, anywhere!
  14. I wear my LV or other designer bags everywhere
  15. I take Louis wherever I go. Except when I go and visit families for work (I work for a non profit and I do homevisits with moms and babies). I've taken Louis to concerts, the beach, Lowe's etc... Sometimes I don't realize when I leave the house that I'm totally slumming it...carrying my Louis on my arm.