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  1. i just thought we'd start a show & tell thread. it's an opportunity for us to feature a photo/s of a special LV piece (bag, accessory, shoes, whatever!) we treasure and say anything and everything - descriptions, experiences, contents, anecdotes, etc. - about it. how does that sound? do tell me if this is a lame idea or if this has been done before. and i might as well revive that thread instead or drop this silly idea entirely :shame:
  2. We have showcase section..may be you should start first
  3. but this is just for one bag at a time. not the entire collection.
  4. I'll show mine then. I just got it today..the Monogram Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune. My SA got it in and told me there was only 30 ever made so it makes it that much more special to me :heart:
  5. i was thinking of something like this.....

    Monogram Laser Clarkson

    ever since i first laid eyes on this bag, it has been at the top of my wish list. it has just the right size and shape for casual days or a bit more dressed-up days too. plus it's black! it is quite rare for LV (or Marc Jacobs' design team) to churn out black pieces as brown is the house's signature colourway. the style of this bag recalls those old vinyl airline flight bags of the 60's or 70's - yet another reference to Louis Vuitton's association with the glamour of travel. this bag debuted on the men's 2002 fall/winter runway collection with the introduction of a brand-new material: Monogram Laser. this ultra fine calfskin is laser-etched with the company's (in)famous monogram pattern in outline. although quite subtle, the very supple Nappa leather is still distinguishably LV. this is probably Marc Jacob's first use of the monogram pattern on a new material/application specifically for men. this particular piece has become more significant for me because i bought it for my 25th birthday. and it has a very special standing among my collection.

    - laser-etched monogram on nappa leather
    - men's f/w 2002 show collection
    - dimensions: w26xh28xd10 cms
    - 2 exterior pockets; one zipped, one open
    - black powder coated signed hardware (zipper pulls, buckles and feet)
    - zip-up top
    - slate grey Alcantara suede interior lining
    - patch pocket and a mobile phone pouch within
    - adjustable shoulder strap
  6. lvbabydoll's got the idea ;) and my what a bag!
  7. My Louis Vuitton S/S 2006 ready to wear baseball jacket

    They only made one size 46 for the USA in this color and I own it!
    I was on the waiting list for 4 months and I about died when it got here... I looooove it but I just dont know what to wear with it sometimes... maybe I need a nice white pair of pants to wear it with because I had it on with jeans and to me it felt like I was wearing to much of a dark color combination...

    I am going to try to sell it on ebay to make a profit because it is SO rare... I hope I can do it. I have my eye on other things, I would love to keep this jacket and I proably will if I cannot sell it on ebay! I don't hate it or anything but I would love to see a profit happen if I have such a RARE item :smile: if it doesn't sell.. not a big deal


  8. Here is a MIZI VIENNA I just got from a fellow PFer and a dear friend of mine. It makes it SO MUCH MORE special because of that!!!:love:
    PICT2481.JPG mizi_vienna1.JPG
  9. Love the bags and the stories gals!
  10. lvbabydoll...that is GORGEOUS...thank you for looks great on you and its a very special piece.
  11. have beautiful hands...(I just notice things like that!!)
  12. lv baby can I ask how much it was?
  13. Including tax, etc., close to $3700.
    I was amazed, considering it's limited number and it being a runway piece. Also, considering the amount of different materials used!
  14. wow thats pretty good..i was thinking may 6+ due to the fur