LV shoulder bags or LV hand held...

  1. Which do you prefer? Love my Speedy 30 but, love LV shoulder bags a tad bit my LH and love the pics with all the PH...great looking bag not too big...and love the BH on people....anyone else prefer LV shoulder bags the my aureilla mm because it to is a shoulder speedy is great on weekends but, hand held for me is less practical...what do you think?????
  2. I do not care for hand held bags at all. But that's fine since I am saving tons of money that way!
  3. I love hand held bags the most. They are the most comfortable.
  4. I am a total handheld girl. I do like shoulder bags too, but hand helds outweigh my collection by far. The only shoulder bags that i've lately been eyeing are the denim baggy GM and BH, but I still can't decide if I REALLY want the BH or only want it because everybody on PF makes such a big deal about it!
  5. shoulder bags are definitely a lot less hassle to lug around, but i'm used to carrying a lot of my bags in the crook of my arm, so handheld bags work for me too
  6. I'm a shoulder-type person, saved huge $$$ not buying the hand-held!
  7. Love my speedy but, would not buy another hand held bag is my first and only hand held bag....much prefer shoulder bags that can be hand held if desired...thanks for sharing...I am not the only person that feels that way...:yes:
  8. I prefer handheld unless I'm shopping or traveling etc. As long as I'm doing something "handfree" I always choose handheld.
  9. I like shoulder bags better. my azur speedy is my first handheld bag and it's ok. I think I'm just gonna get my trouville and that's it for handheld bags.
  10. Definitely shoulder bag. I have a speedy 30 but can't get used to a handheld bag. I have only used it a few times since I bought it. I really thought I could get used to it . . . I just can't!
  11. Hand held is just such an adjustment for love my speedy and would not part with it but, for my lifestyle work etc....shoulder bags are more hand held is enough for me...I like the shoulder bags that can be shoulder, elbow or hand held...versatille...nice
  12. agree
  13. I am still trying hard to get used to my beloved speedy.:shame: It would be my only hand held bag for a long time too.
  14. Up until I got my first LV shoulder bag (Petit Noe :graucho:) I never liked shoulder bags! Period! But I can't live withough them now!!! LH, Noes, Manhattan GM (even though it's NOT an official shoulder bag, it's nice having an option), etc. LOVE them all!!!:wlae:
  15. I don't have a preference as far as ease of use but I can tell you I definately prefer the look for hand-held bags for some reason!?!:shrugs: