LV shorts..would you wear them?

  1. Kelly Rollins LV shorts.. what do you think??

  2. Too much bling bling for me...I'm more a simple gal, but that's me. May look good on someone else...
  3. Oh they are pretty!
  4. I think they look good on her- but I would not wear them~
  5. i think she rocks them...if i her her body i probably would too ;) hehe
  6. Cute but they'd look horrible on me.
  7. They are meant to match the denim cabas customized bag. I saw them in a magazine layout. I love them!
  8. Those shorts are cute! I would wear them if they didn't have all the dangly stuff on the sides. I'm already clumsy enough, so I would imagine that I'd somehow get those things caught on something and then fall on my face in the street! :wtf:
  9. I would...if I had a TDF figure :p
  10. if i had the legs, yes! (and the money ;) )
    i like these better
  11. I think they look coll, but I'd be careful with what else I'd wear with them to avoid looking like a monogram monster.
  12. cute, but not me....
  13. cute..but not for my butt!
  14. not for me...
  15. Kelly Rolands are something outageous like $2400 plus!