LV Shopping trip Destination Poll!


Where to go LV shopping?

  1. San Fransisco

  2. Las Vegas

  3. Chicago

  4. New York

  5. Arizona

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Okay~ Here are the rules....
    You must only chose only ONE destination to meet/shop and spend time with fellow TPF LV Lovers. This way everyone gets one soild opportunity to vote. After all the votes have been completed the destination will be decided. Next I will set up a poll for a time of the year to have our shopping spree. Following that, there will be a thread regarding specific travel information (i.e., members wanting to go etc... and plausible prices/packages available).

    LV Lovers this is just the begining! Wooo Hoooo... :yahoo:

    Chicago, San Fran, Arizona, Vegas and New York
  2. i love the flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. it's so big and the interior design is beautiful :love:
  3. I'm voting for Vegas!
  4. San Francisco, baby!
  5. I would love to go but my littlest is too young!! I won't vote and throw things off for yall.

    HOWEVER, I would love to have a Houston, Texas get together sometime!! HEE HEE
  6. My littlest is 4 now so count me in!!! I voted NY since it's closest to me and I LOVE the LV in NYC.
  8. I voted for chicago b/c thats the only place close enough to drive to ;)
  9. I vote either Arizona or Vegas...anything else would be too far for me to travel bc I am a student and I can't miss much school:sad:
  10. Though SF is just 45 minutes away from me...I voted for Vegas because I haven't been there in forever :yahoo:
  11. You guys will have so much fun! Too Bad that i live in Germany...:crybaby: But if one day you will all come to Europe i won't miss it to be there:yes:
  12. **DOING THE BREAK DANCE**....(not really)...But thanks again for setting this up. This is gonna ROCK!:yahoo:
  13. Vegas all the way!!
  14. My parents are living in California, so I voted for 'Frisco! It's the only one of the five that I haven't gotten around to going to yet. :smile:
  15. You know, I was actually thinking that there should be one set up for those of us in Europe, too. It only makes sense, right? :yahoo: