LV shopping in Vancouver Canada

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  1. I'm thrilled to be going to Vancouver at the end of Feb and can't wait to check out the LV stores, I think there is more than one? anyone have any shopping tips or suggestions? I'm overwhelmed, I know I'm going to come back with something (no store in Ottawa Ontario) I just don't know what!
  2. the two vancouver stores are definately within walking distance. the one in hotel vancouver has gucci by it and hermes accross from it. the other one is located in holt renfrew and you can find lots of designer brands in there. hope you will have a good one
  3. yep theres two one in hotel vancouver and one in holt .. u should check out both of them there only a few minutes away from each other :yes:
  4. I personally prefer the service at the Holt's location, but the Hotel Vancouver boutique sometimes has better selection, though not always. (It's much larger though, and is more of a "flagship" than the HR one.) Just ask to see something at either location - sometimes they hide pieces in the drawers or in the back without displaying them. There is also a brand-new Burberry boutique, Agent Provocateur, Tiffany's, Gucci and Hermes in the same general area as the Hotel Vancouver location.
  5. I prefer the one at Hotel Vancouver but I've never bought anything at the Holt location so I'm biased. The SA's at Hotel Vancouver are great to deal with. They're very informative and have helped me pick what I'd like to buy since I live in Victoria and can only rarely make in there in person on few occasions.
  6. The store at the Hotel Vancouver is waaayyy better imo. It's bigger, has more selection, more breathing room to walk around and look. I find the SAs at Holt Renfrew too snobby. But since you're coming from out of town, definitely check out both just for fun since they're both within minutes from each other. Hope you have a good time in Vancouver :smile:
  7. I like them both but have only purchased from Hotel Vancouver. They have a much larger selection IMO.