LV shopping in Paris...worth it or not?

  1. I know, I know.......the Euro is strong against out weak dollar but I thought I'd ask. We'll be in Paris this June with our three daughters and I was wondering if it would be worth our time to even go in a LV store.

    Anyone shop there recently??
  2. Even if the price is not great for you it's well worth seeing the "Mothership" in Paris. It's like a shrine for LV fanatics! Have a wonderful trip and report back to us.
  3. treat it like going to a museum, you dont have to buy anything but without a doubt you have to go look!
  4. Take pics while there and share with us when you get back!

    Have fun! :okay:
  5. lol I will be visiting Paris soon and while I don't plan on buying there, it is like a museum! You must go!
  6. I'd go and take pics as if I were at the Louvre!
  7. It's Our Temple!!!
  8. Shopping at the flagship store is DEFINITELY worth it! I hope to go one day!
  9. Yes, it would be nice to shop there, it's probably still cheaper there after you take into account US taxes, and getting taxes refunded there.

    Speedy 25 monogram = 405 Euros in France, $595 in US
    405 Euros is $594.2 USD.
  10. Been there, believe me you have to go!
  11. Most definitely! It's my dream come true! I'd go just to be able to say that I have been in the mothership ... LOL!
  12. Went to the store on the Champs Elysees a year ago and, although I wasn't really into LV back then, I found the experience to be awesome.

    I don't know about the $ vs the Euro, I was under the impression that the prices are the same.
    In all cases if you decide to buy you do get your tax back which is a plus.

    Have fun!!
  13. Yes! You must go at least to window shop. As others said some things will be about the same others will be more.
  14. the tax you get back is eh, little IMO.

    depending on the euro too, right now its 0.67 euro to 1.00 usd plus in the summer it drops.
  15. Go Shop And Have A Blast