LV shopping in Buffalo, NY?

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  1. hello ladies and fellow handbag addicts ;)
    I need your shopping expertise, particularly anyone from Buffalo, NY...
    a friend of mine just texted me asking where she can find an LV boutique there? Or is she better off travelling a little more distance to the Big Apple to do her LV shopping there?
  2. thank you for your help mcmug17! :smile:
    my friend is now on her
  3. HARHARHAR... the only avenue to LV shopping in Buffalo, NY, is right at your fingertips, by which I mean:
    3. 1-866-VUITTON
    4. (authenticate with tpf FIRST!)

    Other than that, you can get in your car and drive to Toronto and visit the LV store on Bloor St. There may be one or two others in the area, as well as the one inside Holt Renfrew just down the street. Unfortunately, the pathetic state of the US Dollar these days means your LV bag will cost MORE in Canada. You could also drive to Cleveland or Pittsburgh, both of which carry LV in their Saks.

    Makes you wonder how many of the LV's you see around here are fakes, were bought on vacation, or are online finds!
  4. The Big Apple is a _long_ way from Buffalo. Seems like Toronto and Cleveland would be closer options.
  5. the closest LV to you is the toronto boutique or the pittsburgh one! it would take you around 2 hours to get to toronto and around 3 hours to get to pittsburgh, i'm guessing.

  6. Where are you from in western NY? I'm from Olean, about 2 hours south of Buffalo I believe.
  7. I'm in the northern suburbs.
  8. Where's that? Buffalo northern suburbs?