LV Shopping in Budapest?

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  1. Anyone here from Budapest? My parents are Hungarian and hubby and I are going with them on a big trip for my dad's 65th this month. Needless to say, I'd like to take advantage of some good ol' EU pricing. Does anyone here have any experience with the LV boutique in Budapest that they can share?
    We will also be in Munich and vienna for a negligible amount of time. I've been to Europe countless times but haven't been to Hungary since I was 10! And I wasn't looking for LV then...;)
  2. Anyone? :smile:
    Has anyone seen the store in Budapest?
  3. Bump! I'm going next month. anyone know if its cheaper in budapest/prague or venice (will be there this weekend) as compared to london and the US?
  4. it should be cheaper in venice, i guess. italian prices you can see on lv webpage. in prague d.speedy 35 was about 520 eur (in germany - 470) - expencive. i have no idea about budapest