LV Shopping Experience?? Toronto Bloor and Somerset Mall - Troy, Michigan

  1. I'm planning on purchasing my first LV, and I'm not sure if I'd like to pick it up in Toronto or in Troy, Michigan (I'm canadian, but live on the border).

    I just read a post on snooty LV SA's and I was wondering if anyone whose shopped at either of these locations would mind sharing their experience, opinion on whether the SA's were pushy/rude, and if they have any suggestions on a good SA to contact?

    Personally, I feel like the amount I'm paying isn't only for the's for the experience of buying a luxury brand, as well! A bad shopping experience can ruin the joy you get from a purse (I know because it happened when I bought one of my Coach purses!).

    Thank you!!
  2. I used to go to the Somerset LV store quite a bit. Always got good service. Although you may have to wait a little for a SA if they are busy. Please send me a PM if you want a specific SA's name, although they are all seem quite nice.
  3. i love the SA's at the Holts LV Bloor - either Zack, Tim (assistant manager) or my fave SA, Kirsten! They're very helpful and will answer any question that you may have. I've never felt them pressure me into buying something.

    Also, depending on how soon you want your item, Holt's will be having another PSN night September 5th, if you spend $750-$1,200, you get $50.00 Holt's GC...

    hope that helped :smile:
  4. I had to deal w/ a lot of snooty SA at a LV boutique close to my place. I'm surprised your experience was bad at a Coach store, I think Coach SA are a lot nicer than LV SA. If you catch a nice LV SA, then you should ask for her name/business card for future purchases. Good Luck to you, don't be surprised if you cannot find a nice SA, 90% of them are all snooty! And from what I know, LV SA don't earn commision.
  5. i'm from Buffalo, NY, and i go to Toronto every few weeks to shop. i prefer the Bloor Street freestanding store to Holt Renfrew, because it has a bigger selection there. the SA i usually deal with is Janet; she's very nice to me, and she's always offering to put items on hold for me whether i ask or not :lol:
  6. i've purchased at both places and i do find quite a few friendly SAs at Troy. however i have great experiences with the SAs on Bloor Sreet LV as well. i really like Phi-Tu on bloor street but i'm not quite sure if she works there anymore.
    my biggest problem with buying LV in detroit is the issue with customs. i went last week with my friends and my friend got a neverfull mm. on the way through customs we put the bag in the back and forgot to put it underneath the seats and the customs officer kept eyeing it. =S luckily he let us through so i'm not exactly sure how the taxes work.
  7. I met Zack yeserday and personally I didn't find him warm at all, in fact he treated me like some annoying kid who would not buy anything (I'm 18) and I was thoroughly unimpressed I left w/o purchasing what I came in for and went straight to my regular SA at bloor (yes silly, but that's the way I am), however if you feel like going to the Holt's LV I DO recoomend Ray, he is WONDERFUL! But not matter what I ALWAYS find the bloor street store's sa'a all nice and never had a problem with them, and while that may be becuase I am there alot, I remember when I went in for the first time I was treated extremely well, even before they knew I was buying something and I was even younger then so I am confident you will have a great time in T.O! I LOVE Martin and Lindsay they are two very VERY nice SA's! I hope u have fun wherever you decide to go!

    P.S Remember you will have to deal with customs as well if you go to the states, but then we have 14% sales tax here and it's only 6% in Michigan so it MIGHT be worth it!
  8. I live in Toronto, and I've been to both the Bloor St. LV and the one at Holt's. Miyoko is my SA at Bloor, and she's great, but I've found that in general, the ones at Holt's are friendlier and more willing to spend time with you if you're just browsing.

    In terms of taxes, our conversion is at 1.05 right now against the USD, and with the taxes, I bought my lockit in Atlanta when I was there on business, and saved over $100CAD.

    What my gfs and I have done (we are such hardcore shoppers - don't tell Customs) is we've gone to the US carrying pretty little paper shopping bags (with all our wallets, keys, etc., in them) as purses, bought our purses, and ditched the paper bags in the nearest garbage. (Bring an envelope and mail the dustbag and cards to yourself at the nearest post office if you want to keep them!) Voila: "We came across the border originally with these purses!?!?" Shhhhhhh!
  9. I like the SAs at the Holt Renfrew bloor.
  10. ohhh! we have some sneaky sneaky tPFers! :p
    No worries! I've thought of the same things too - don't feel too bad! :angel:

    Thanks for all the SA advice and "customs advice"!
    Originally I was thinking of getting a speedy...which, apparently, if you buy in the US it'll be made in USA, whereas in Canada it'll be made in France. So I decided I'd probably end up buying it in Canada since I've heard some iffy stories about defective speedys made in the US. However, I've written everyone's names down (and crossed Zack's off...rishin, even though I'm mid-20's I look a bit young, and have no desire to deal with rude ppl) and look forward to my new purchase!
  11. I'm from Buffalo, too!:yahoo: I was in Toronto a few weekends ago and visited the Bloor Street store. Just by chance, Janet was the SA who helped me and she was lovely. Later that same afternoon, with my huge brown LV shopping bag in hand, I walked through the LV store-in-store at Holt Renfrew and only got snooty looks from the SA's there. WTF?

  12. ooh, I've dealt with Zack over the phone and he was quite pleasant, kinda hard to understand with the accent and phone noise, but still pleasant! I have a friend who normally deals with Tim and has nothing but good graces to say about him!

    When I was there, I went shopping at the Bloor Boutique (the stand-alone shop). They were kinda snooty and ignored my bf and I at first until they realized we came in to buy something then they paid attention. I forgot the SA's name that helped us but he was quite nice in the end...really packaged my item well and he even gave me a free Catalog. I want to go back to TO and experience it all again! lol...
  13. I went to the bloor st. (free standing) & holts yesterday. I walked into the holts first, they all seemed friendly but they never came up to me and ask if I needed help (it wasn't busy at the time). SO I left and went into the bloor free standing shop instead. I got good service there and they gave me 3 different free catalogs, so I'm happy. :lol: