LV shopping dilema! ribera or papillon 30!!????

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  1. hi guys. so i need your help! i love hand held bags and have decided between the damier papillon 30 or the ribera. I have never heard of or seen the ribera before, until my SA showed me today and i fell in love with it (although im a little scared that it might look like a fake version of the speedy?). but now i can't decide between the two! which one would you get?? plz help!
  2. I prefer the Pap.
  3. papillon 30. Its one of my sentimental bags I own! You also will get the mini papillon with it, get the papillon!
  4. Papillons look funny to me... maybe because every time I see one it's a fake or a DB and those two make me :shocked:
  5. Papillon, I have one in Watercolor and I love it. The Ribera looks like a mini gym bag to me.
  6. I have the papillon 30, ... i think its cute but not too funcationable. Things tend to slide to one side, and its very difficult to carry.
  7. I'd go for the Papillon :tup:.
  8. Papillon... I have 26 in mono and its so cute.
  9. I adore the Papillon! It's such a fun looking bag, but still classy & roomy! I think it is stunning the the damier pattern.
  10. I prefer the pap for its look, although I must admit it may not be as functional as ribera. But if you do like the shape of ribera, go for it! It's more unique than speedy and a lot less common. Why worry about whether it looks fake or not? Most importantly, you know it's authentic! Carry it with pride and enjoy the lovely piece!
  11. The pap looks the best in Damier! You can't go wrong really with either because the rib is a beauty as well!
  12. I guess i'm the odd one here because I like the looks of the Ribera much better than the papillon.
  13. DEFINITELY the Ribera!! A very substantial, classy & unique bag, nothing like a Speedy, maybe an improved Speedy. I have the Bedford in Rouge which is the Vernis version of the Papillon and it's sitting nicely UNUSED in its dustbag. Big mistake purchasing that bag. I did not like carrying it and I did not like the way my items jumble around inside the bag.

    Having both styles, I strongly recommend the Ribera!
  14. I prefer the Papillon 30 (I have a Damier & a Watercolor one)! :smile:
  15. ^ me too! Yay cginny ~ my sweet twin! lol!

    I do prefer the Pap!