LV Shoes

  1. How do Louis Vuitton shoes run?

    I wear an 8, at least I thought I did. I recently purchased a pair of shoes from eBay which are a 381/2. I thought they might be a little too big but actually feel they're a little too small.

    Do LV shoes run small?
  2. There was a topic about this a couple days ago and I think most everyone said to go up a half a size (I know I have to, anyway.) What style were they though? Sometimes it depends on the style, like if they were closed-toe high heels, they tend to run smaller no matter what brand/designer they are because the toe box is smaller.
    Also, can you post a picture or describe them? It'd be easier to know which ones they were :smile:
  3. I'll have to search for that thread.
    They're actually strappy sandals. My heels aren't hanging off but the straps are a little snug. If I had a fat foot I'd understand, but I don't. They're so cute, I'll wear them anyway.

    Now I know!