LV shoes

  1. Those are some funky shoes!!
  2. Wow. Its like your walking on a rainbow. :biggrin:
  3. I love the bag in your avatar. Congratulations. I would really have to think about spending that much on the shoes. I'm fairly hard on them, and they wouldn't be as good of an investment as a handbag. But, if you really want them, just think of it as getting a super fabulous pair, and not buying so many other less expensive ones. I'm trying to get fewer shoes, and narrowing them down to 70 pairs. There's another one on eluxury that I really like.[​IMG]
  4. Not really me- they seem a bit like clown shoes with all those colors. But I love their sneakers, loafers, and boots.
  5. I LOVE the ones that Kathy posted!!!:love: But you are right - I can't see spending this much $$$ on shoes either.
  6. That's like a bag or two being dragged across the floor.
  7. The first time I saw the pic, I though to myself "there is no way I can wear many buckles!"
  8. Those shoes are sooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had somewhere to wear them..they would be MINE!!LOL! I am just a boring mommy now!!HEE!HEE!
  9. I love those shoes!
  10. LOL:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Whoa! Those shoes are hot!
  12. I love them..they're really pretty.
    I have the white MC wedges and can't wear them for more than a few hours at a time. They give me blisters on my little toes :sad: So I don't think these would be too great on me.
    But they're gorgeous!
  13. My mom bought those. She doesn't think they're comfortable though.
  14. he he he. that's funny. :amuse: