Lv Shoes

  1. Hi everyone!
    This summer i'm going to Rome and i would love to buy some LV ballet flats there! I usually visit the Antwerp Boutique wich is small and they don't have too many shoes there. My question is, are the shoes displayed on the LV website the only shoes they have at this moment?
    I'm not that crazy about any of them, I like multicolor but the ones on the website have a pointy nose and well..i don't like that!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm pretty sure they have some other ones, I have the denim Grenadine flats and love them. I don't like pointy toes either so they work well for me. :yes:
  3. LV website is more for reference than the actually lines out. You may want to visit the boutique nearest you.
  4. I love the LVOE flats :drool:
  5. LV's site has all the current ones available while eluxury only has the shoes that they have in stock, so you need to come back often to this site and check out their selection or inventory.
    As for shoes from past seasons, I doubt you'll be able to find any, not even in boutiques. They don't run like the bags which are available until they run out. I think the shoes are just sold to employees at discounted prices so you won't be able to find them again once the season is over.
    However, if there is a specific pair of shoes you saw on LV's site and you don't see it in the boutique, you can always ask the SA to help you locate, transfer, or order a pair for you.:smile:

    NB: i just wanna mention that I personally find the MC flats to be a bit on the "hard" side.... some people like this some people dont, just wanted to let you know