LV Shoes...question

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  1. Hi...this might sound dumb, but LV shoes come with shoe boxes, right??!
  2. Yes! x
  3. Thanks Coco for answering my silly little question!! :P
  4. lol that's funny!!!!
  5. Not as funny as your cute!!!:P
  6. Yes!
  7. Yes, they're "generic" LV boxes...

    Unlike other brands that have each pair of shoes in its OWN box, LV shoes are sold "as is" and then they get put into a shoe box. I dunno if that makes sense...
  8. LV shoes actually come to the store in shoe boxes. However, upon purchase, the LV SA removes them and places them in as CEC mentioned, a "generic" brown LV box that actually opens by pulling out another piece rather than having a box. On a rare occasion (mainly tall boots) LV has given me the actual traditional shoe box.
  9. Okay...thanks for the quick responses ladies!!! :smile:
  10. yup that's what I mean lol

    and actually I don't understand why they would do this... the "original" LV shoe boxes are just fine, why spend more resources and use up another box? :shrugs: