Lv shoes question

  1. Is it worth it?
    If you take a good care of them how long should it be in a good condition?
  2. I have 11 pairs of LV shoes I think? I totally think its worth it. I take care of everything I own, down to a $10 shirt haha. I wear my Monte Carlos ALL the time and they look like new still (got them may 07 so almost a year) they are kinda dirty but clean easily :smile:

    what are you looking into
  3. i have 2 pairs of lv shoes, i never really wear mine :sad:
  4. matt, can you tell me how you clean your shoes?
    i want to buy the new mc sneakers but the white leather kind of scares me :p
    do you use normal shoe polish or spray your shoes with something?
    i work in a shoe store but i don't want to use the stuff we sell over there, first i need help from an lv shoe expert ;)
  5. I don't have LV shoes (yet :p) but my Mum does and they're worth every cent in terms of quality and style. But they're not very comfortable and she has mules with 7.5 cm heels. She's getting one or two pairs of 4.5 cm heel mules next though and I tried a pair on today - very comfy. If you take care of your shoes, they should last for years. Try to get them soled and they will last you longer.
  6. I've some pairs and not too hard to take care :smile: I usually over the soles with 2 layers clear plastic or tape before wear it for occasional shoes.
  7. I have one pair that's "decent" when it comes to the comfort level...

    I've wanted to buy several others as well (eg. Bamako, Denim Lotus, Denim lotus + heel) and they all lacked a LOT of support in the ball of your foot. There's practically no padding.
    The only very comfy pair of shoes I've tried on is the Santa Barbara (?), however, I don't really like the design cuz I prefer a higher and THIN heel.

    If you're going to invest in shoes, buy Louboutin's or MB's they do slightly a better job imo.
  8. BF has had his monte carlo loafers for a few years now he had to replace the insole he actually wore them out (he wears them on a daily basis) but the shoes still look perfect
    I haven't had mine long enough to say I've hardly worn them because it won't stop raining :cursing:
    Which shoes you thinking of?
  9. I just wipe my shoes with one of those Cottonelle toilet paper wipes... ya know? and my white monte carlos need them the most dueto the color but they clean up great. When I did an updated shoe pic in my collection, my Monte's were filty for the pic but look great in it... you can't really tell unless you inspect them closely. The leather on the white mc sneaker reminds me of the kind on my Monte's it should wipe off easily, same with the canvas. I don't like to put anything on my shoes... even though LV has that shoe care kit... I look at that as something for the dressiest of dress shoes, not a casual shoe

  10. the LV shoe kit is a bit stupid you can't get refills for it
  11. I own one pair of shoes (sneakers) and I think the quality is amazing and the leather is TDF, the smell is really hot. I just clean them with normal leather cleaners but I have not worn them much.
  12. I have a few pairs of LV shoes, including a pair of damier azur sneakers. I've been wearing the sneakers around quite a bit lately and whenever they get a little dirty I either use a Mr. Clean magic eraser very carefully or an alcohol-free baby wipe. I've had no issues with keeping them clean by doing that.

    As for the quality, they've all been great so far in that regard. The heels are pretty comfortable for their height, although they haven't been a match for Louboutin.
  13. I have around 10 pairs of LV shoes and have had no problem with any of them (includes two pairs of boots). I find all of them comfortable ( except the 4 pairs I haven't worn yet....). I find it interesting the women that comment that their Louboutin's are more comfortable. I have around 10 pairs of Louboutin's and while I love them, they are no where near as comfortable as the LVs. I guess it depends on how your foot is made.
  14. thank you so much Matt!