LV shoes comfy?

  1. After getting my first LV - DS 30, I am thinking of getting a pair of LV shoe this spring/summer. Are LV shoes comfortable enough while looking gorgeous too?
  2. I just have two pairs of LV sandals (for now, LOL) in denim. They're both wedges so they are very comfortable and gorgeous. I've tried on their mules and they are comfortable, too. Good luck with your shoe decision!!
  3. I have the wooden platforms and they are extremely comfy. My sneakers of course are comfy. Tried on a pair of heels and boots in 2005 couldn't make up my mind on either, they were also comfy. Guess it depends on the shoe.
  4. It's hit and miss. Some of my LV shoes are more comfy than others. The wedges are fine, but a couple of the stilettos pinch too much.