LV Shoes and You

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  1. It's a quiet day at the office so I thought I'd peruse the LVMH 1st half results. I'm not getting into any of the financial stuff but I will tell you that the company report specifically states that there will be additional focus on growing shoe sales for the second half of 2007. Does this mean more styles or just SAs pushing us to buy shoes -- honestly, I couldn't tell you. Just thought it would be an interesting heads up. For those of you who want to read the report yourself, you can find it on
  2. i don't own a single pair of LV shoes, I just go for their bags. I am more a gucci and dior shoe buyer.
  3. I'm guessing they'll be making more shoes. I noticed a lot more shoes coming out this fall/winter than in previous years. Before, they'd make a couple of pairs and feature one as their main season's item (i.e. the Balmoral pumps).
    I have 3 pairs of shoes (2 flats, 1 wedge) and wish they'd do more flat shoes instead of heels.
  4. I am a non-shoe buyer as well. I can spend it on the bags but just can't justify it on the shoes. I look at it this way- shoes wear out too fast to justify the cost! :nogood:
  5. I don't wear the shoes either. NYC sidewalk are hard on shoes.

    Rebecca, I swear I wanna be you when I grow up.
  6. I LOVE their shoes! Really there are only like 3 more bags I want, but right now I am focusing on shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I've been getting into their shoes lately too, just got a white multicolor kitten heel- the beverly hills mule and am waiting to get one more higher heel mule in the mini lin can't think of the name this moment, they just fit my feet so well! Shoes are easier to change everyday than bags, it just took me a half an hour to switch bags.......
  8. Lol no you don't. Sometimes I don't think I'll ever get all the way through college, it's such hard work. :sweatdrop:
  9. I only have 3 pairs of LV shoes. I tend to only buy boots from LV and luckily for me they only make maybe one pair a year that I like if that. The next pair I will get will probably be the new Utah ankle boots, depending on how they look on. They have been comming out with more shoes styles in general lately though, then I remember them doing in the past.
  10. I have one pair of black satin ballerina flats. I bought them in 2003 or 2004 at the Soho NYC store for $315. They've held up pretty well.

  11. I always go for the bags, but I often admire the shoes. I just always want to spend my money on bags. However, with the expanding lines I have been very tempted so I think some shoes will find their way into my wardrobe soon!
  12. I'm a recent shoe convert previously it was Dior & Gucci I have a pair of the pink spa mules & in the last 2-3 I've gotten 3 pairs of Lv shoes & I have an extra pair sitting patiently waiting for me to go get them
  13. do you have a picture of the beverly hills mule?
    i'm thinking about buying them but the nose might be to pointy for me

    i'm not a shoe buyer YET!
    i'm going to rome this sunday and am planning to buy shoes there! but i have no idea wich ones!
  14. EDIT

  15. I only have one pair of LV shoes, I would love to buy more if I could afford the shoes AND bags.