LV shoe sizes

  1. Gucci sandals I buy a half size smaller than all other Lv sandals run true to size or a bit big? Thanks!
  2. I have to go up a size in LV. I tried on the orange perf mules the other day and I had to get a 40 (US 10) when I'm usually a US 9.
  3. Thank you Christina!
  4. In their beach flip flops-I am true to size.
  5. Hey sunshine! In the flip flops I am true to size. I had to go up a half size for the wedges.
  6. I Go Up A 1/2 Size & In Flip Flops, I'm True To Size.
  7. PGN its the brown thongs...I MUST HAVE THEM! (yes, its all your fault)
  8. Sunshine-I have the brown thongs(wearing them right now!LOL!)-They are 100% true to size..Dont go up in them
  9. today i bought the LV brown thongs- had to go down one-half size...