LV Shoe Fetishists Club!

  1. im sure most bag maniacs are shoe addicts as well.... come on guys and gals show us your LV footwear!

    here's my favourite pair:
    Miami loafers in D.Sauvage

    a couple more to come.... ;)
  2. my black patent Lomboks
  3. I love Vuitton shoes, I don't know what any of these are called but here they are:
    vuitton4.JPG vuitton3.JPG vuitton2.JPG vuitton1.JPG
  4. Just these:smile::
  5. I´m in, I´ve gotjust a pair butI love them the footing sneakers in Denim.Therre was a pic in a thread but I cant find them. Remember? when I showed you myfakegange denim and my "fake" perfo cles haha.

    I love LV shoes but I think are so expensive. I rather go for bags.
  6. Just these, for me..
    *White MC wedges
    *Black MC flats
    LVbookandshoes.jpg blackflats.jpg
  7. Vence sneakers in Mono Laser:
  8. here are mine
    105-0558_IMG.JPG 105-0559_IMG.JPG 105-0560_IMG.JPG flipflopsLV.JPG
  9. Love those boots!^^
  10. This club is so to take pics ;)
    I have:

    Jessica, white (mule)
    cerise mule
    denim with red croc mule (last year)
    taupe charms mule

    I dream about:
    white charms
  11. Oooh, me loves my shoesies...


    Cleo/Pompeii wedges. Love these so much I'm never going to wear them out anywhere. What would I do if I damaged them???? :wtf:


    These are my "J-Low" shiney boots. I love the metal insert in the heel and the toe, and an eternally grateful that J-lo only wore the pink ankle boot pair of these...

    I also have a pair of mini monogram satin sandals, but am waiting for my new camera, so once that arrives, I'll take some pics!!

    Everyone elses shoesies are LOVELY too, I especially love those wedges!!!!

  12. Kathleen the Pompei wedges are TDF!!!!
    i also love the fur-boots :heart:
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Think I have a thing for slides? Wheeee!

  15. Arthur Derby: