LV Shirley experts out there..........

  1. Can someone tell me what year did the Shirley multi-colour come out? It's so pretty....can u fit much in it??

  2. 2 years ago, a;most exactly. April 2005 release. It doesn't fit much at all, but still cute. Another rare bag that went down in price after it came out.
  3. i think it's cute..and it's got that shoulder strap option also!
  4. Absolutely lovely bag. With or without strap.

    I got the MC Shirley in white 2 years ago when it was a mere $750

    P.S. You can also use Shirley's strap on the pochette!
  5. I have a black MC. I usually only use it for an evening out since it doesn't fit much. And I like the clutch or shoulder option.
  6. Really? How much was it when it came out??? I bought mine brand new used, but should look to see how much new ones are now, around $800 right? How much were they when they came out???

    Oh, the Shirley is fabulous, when you want to just carry a tiny bit, or for a clutch inside a bigger bag... I ADORE my shirley, have no regrets about that purchase...:idea:
  7. princesselecktra... I never thought about using Shirley's strap on the pochette! Brilliant! wow. Thank YOU! This is the BEST forum...:wlae:

    Yep. just checked elux, Shirley is going for $840.00; got mine with plastic still covering the lock, but from someone who had prepurchased for about $715.00.... that was last can find some decent deals on eBay... I saw one on Let Trade for the best price, but vachetta was too dark for me....
  8. I love Shirley it doesn't fit that much but then as an evening bag it fits everything you need
  9. Oooo ta everyone!! Can someone do me a really big favour and send me some piccies of the inside of a Shirley, maybe pop a pen inside for size guide maybe?!?

  10. it is SUCH a gorgeous bag, but not for practicality. looks great with any neutral-ish outfit.
  11. It's a cute bag but I went for a pomme lexington instead. I found that it held more.
  12. Thank you for the info everyone. Shirley is on my wishlist and I'm actually planning on buying it next month.:flowers:
  13. I am no expert but I love it!