LV Shawls and how well they wear.

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  1. I was thinking of getting a mono shawl. It's 62 x 15. I really love the look. It's all silk and I was wondering and slightly worried to how well they wear? I had seen one of ebay with some horrible snagging. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Anyone? I am considering purchasing one but worried if they are too delicate or not? Thanks!
  3. I used my silk on all winter and it hardly shown wear
    and I'm not a gental person
  4. I wore my Monte Carlo Stole all Winter and it still looks as good as the day I got it. LV scarves and stoles are known for their quality. Go for it girl! :woohoo:
  5. I am not speaking from experience (im not a scarf/shawl person) but I watched a youtuber and she was complaining that she returned her shawl because it showed wear after a few uses :/
  6. I have the leopard stole and i have to say it is very delicate.
    My sa warned me up front and told me to be careful with large earrings etc. So mine does show some wear, but you can not really see it because of its size and print.
    The leopard is a silk/cashmere mix though, don't have any personal experience with an LV all silk shawl.
    Good luck
  7. several SA's warned me how delicate the shawls are.... still don't have one and also not shure about it....😁
  8. The leo stoles are much more delicate. I have a couple that have snags and pulls. I laughed when I brought this up as a concern and was told by my SA that they (snags) add to the "character" of the scarf. Now that's the way to look at it! I also have a couple in the silk and although they are not as bad, they do suffer from the same issue. If this is the sort of thing that will bother you, then you should probably stay away from them. It did bother me at first, but I have learned to get over it. They are so beautiful and the colors are to die for!
  9. Thanks! I have the chance to get one that's a MC and I am trying to decide if I want a shawl or get a MC piece. I just don't know. I don't own any nicer high end pieces. I can get it for a good price comparatively but I am
    Torn. It's a 100 silk piece. I am trying to decide if it's worth it. ?

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  10. My Burberry silk shawls/stoles/scarves wear much better than my LV silk shawls/stoles/scarves, but I love them anyway and with the right folding the snags don't show.
  11. I have seen some EXTREMELY worn LV pieces. I always am really shocked at it. I think it just depends on the owner. LV is quality & well-made, but it certainly isn't indestructible. However, I don't currently own any LV shawls/scarves/etc... :smile:
  12. Hi I have a few LV shawls and silk scarfs, some for a number of years. As long as you treat them with a degree of care you will be fine all of mine look pristine and have no signs of wear. They are really good quality a a quick way to up any look.
  13. I was worried about this as well, but I now own a Monogram shawl and a Lézard stole, and I haven't had any issues with either. I'm careful not to catch them in zippers etc, but other than that I just wear them as I would any other scarf. No complaints here! They make beautiful scarves!

  14. +1 - I have put countless pulls into my Leo stole (mostly care of my engagement ring).

    I was really upset the first time, but now, I try to remember that these items are MEANT to be worn. Yes they are delicate but so is skin, and we don't wrap that up in cotton wool all the time.

    The first snag will devastate you (much like skinning your knees as a kid). But then you realise that you still love your item and wear it nonetheless! Good luck xox

  15. Very well said!