LV Shawl

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  1. anyone know how much the shawls are?

    sorry i can't find a pic but jessica simpson has the black one..and i LOVE it!!!

    is this available at the stores?
  2. Yes this is available...I believe they're...$380...
  3. shawls for warmth or like scarve material?
  4. They are somewhat warm, part wool & cashmere, but most as dense or warm as a pashmina (cashmere & silk). They also are delicate and have a tendancy to run & pull (I returned one).
  5. :push: 2200KR

  6. ?
  7. I have the champagne one (beige) and got it for $350.
  8. wow.
  9. yeah they do. I got my nail caught and pulled out a thread :push:. Just have to be careful.

    I'm pretty sure they're available in stores.
  10. Don't know how much it is here but I've been drooling over the monogram pink shawl.:nuts: Concerned about the snagging of threads that's been mentioned though.
  11. It's $380 USD. You can see some of the colors on elux or There are at least 2 different pinks, a cooler baby pink, and a warmer mauve lt. pink. I think these are too fragile b/c of the thin monogram weave to be practical. It wont stay perfect for too long. My other LV scarves are not so fragile.
    Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Shawl $380.00

    Louis Vuitton's iconic Monogram pattern is incorporated into a new weave to create a luxurious shawl of silk and wool. Sensuous, refined and thoroughly modern, this classic piece complements the full range of Louis Vuitton leather goods. New hues flatter all complexions and are neutral enough to work with any color scheme.
    60% silk, 40% wool
    Approximately 0.44 lb
    A 55.12" x 55.12" square
  12. i really want the black one. it's so versitile.. scarf, shawl.. of course you can buy one for $20 elsewhere but.. this is so beautiful!!
  13. ^

    Actually I don't think LV scarves are expensive compared to the quality, even compared to bags, watches, jewelry etc. In other stores that carry virtually the same type of items of high quality you'd pay about as much (around here at least) even though they may be of little known brands or no brand at all.
  14. The black would be gorgeous, but the pink would light up the complexion, love them!
  15. I am really loving the denim blue one , it's got two shades of blue.