lv shawl - bad quality??? I'm in a .. situation, please help !

  1. Hello
    I love my monogram shawl in camel sooo much. I'm very carefully with it !!
    I bought it in decembre 2007.
    But now the biiiig trouble...:sad:

    As I bought it I wear it one week later to a lunch. As I arrived at home I saw a loose thread ( I hope you know what I mean) I thought OH thats a bad mistake and cut it off. But now it happens again. That really nerving me, because if it happens again and again the shawl will be ruin in a few months.

    So now what I have to do?
    I know its not my mistake. I think its the reason of the shawl. Maybe a mistake of the production? or only bad quality??

    have you same experiences??

    What I should do??
    Go to LV and weight me?? say I want a new shawl ..??

    I don't know. the only thing I know is that I'm very sad about it..:crybaby:

    please help me
  2. do you have pics?? I'm sorry to hear about your shawl =[
  3. no I haven't pics of it. sry

  4. that happened to me as well when i bought my shawl. i brought it to the store which i didn't purchase from and they said it was a defect and gave me a brand new one. the one that i got hasn't done that so its possible the shawl you got is a defective one.
  5. i would bring it to the store!!
  6. Hey minababe...I had the same problem...loose threads are created buy anything...nails...buttons...zippers...
    they are very very fragile because they are actually wool...I inquired about it at the boutique and the manager showed me her shawl and it was the same...she said it was natural for a few threads to pull out...
    I say don't worry but keep it away from rough surfaces...
    From then I always put it back in it's box...
    Ahhh also do not ever wash it....just a friendly advice!!! Good luck and don't worry it's natural
  7. okay thank you so much. On tuesday I go to lv. I'm very sad about that..