LV SF-Union Square Anniversary Party 11/14/07

  1. Hello All...

    The LV in Union Square SF is having there Anniversay Party on 11/14/07. Invitations were mailed out already. If you're one of the regular that shops there look for your invites. They are only allowing 400 guests. the store will be open later that day too. Sorry, I forgot to check what products that we can pre-sale. I will check this weekend and update this thread with more info.
  2. Oh sounds so much fun, although I prolly won't get an invite I hope you have a blast! (any hours scheduled for this week?)
  3. Yup, I'm only there on weekends from open to close. =)
  4. Oh sounds like fun.
  5. Ooh, I got my invite in the mail yesterday and RSVP'd today! I can't wait!
  6. I received invite too but I may not attend since work is slamming me through the odd hours of the nite. Have fun to whomever is going and take pics!
  7. i got my invite in the mail yesterday too. Looks like its going to be a fun night.. dont think I can go though since its a weeknight and i have so much to do lately.
  8. Not sure if I'm going yet. DH doesn't get home till late and I have the kids. Will see what happens by Friday.
  9. Anyone else going? I plan to be there at 6:30 sharp right when it begins, LOL!
  10. Party is tonight! I'm going with another lovely PFer. Anyone else?
  11. Can't wait to hear about the eye candy seen at the party! :biggrin:
  12. See everyone there tonight. Do stop by and say hello. This will be my first party that i"m attending/working at ever. Should be fun.