LV seller on Craigslist NYC

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  1. So there is this guy who sells "authentic" LV deauvilles on craigslist NYC....


    Has anyone bought from him? Am I an idiot to get this? I practically went into heat over this ad....a Deauville for 350 is a STEAL...and probably too good to be true.

    Let me know if you have dealt with this guy, apparently he's sold a bunch.

  2. where would someone get "a bunch" of lv that they can sell for a loss?
  3. Yeah, I should trust my gut.
  4. I would avoid it.
  5. ^Same here.
  6. Avoid it.
  7. Yea, craigslist is FREE - probably too cheap to pay for a ebay many purses to offer at one time....RED FLAG!!!!!
  8. please only post authenticity questions in the AuthenticateThis! sticky provided in the LV Shopping Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.