LV Segur MM in red epi leather

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  1. Before I pick up the rouge Twiggy .... what do you guys think about this LV bag in red epi? I can't decide on a red bag. It's driving me nuts! Do you think this LV bag can be used with casual clothes or should I go with the Twiggy. Help ....... please....
  2. i like the twiggy better, that bag looks a tad stuffy.
  3. I don't really like that bag.
  4. I like the epi leather,but not that style.
  5. my answer will always be Balenciaga... (well for this answer anyway!) hehehe!

    i like red epi, but not too sure about the style of this bag! :smile: go the b-bag!
  6. i was actually thinking of getting the segur in black for work. I guess it is quite conservative.
  7. Thanks you guys ... Balenciaga wins!!!
  8. Yay, Balenciaga wins once again!
  9. I love the segur!! I am not a balebciaga fan anyway. I think it makes a great work/ every day bag.