LV seen as Art....

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  1. Many LV's look like artwork. Even the standard pieces of the line can be seen as such.

    Here is a different view of a Perf Speedy 30 from the inside looking out.

    Show me photos of your 'art'.

    Attached Files:

  2. MM gorgeous i love the pink
  3. LV is def art... I love the pics!!
  4. i always loved the perfo fuschia, wish i could find a new one..
  5. Perfo is soooo pretty... love the inside view too!
  6. pretty...
  7. ok so here are my failed attempts at the art shots. :lol:
    my sacoche and my carryall

    and this is an older angled shot of my keepall. :upsidedown:

    guess ill try some more this weekend if the weather allows in miami.
    we've been having some rain.
    hope you liked. :flowers::heart:
  8. Pretty!
  9. Nice pics, clearstatic & ladysalesrep! I'm not a fab photographer at all :shame:. Love the coffer on your avatar btw!
  10. I was trying to make it look fancy lol...

    Here is my montsouris and my moms MC speedy =]


  11. We have great photographers in the group! Great shots!
  12. This is fun =] (Keepall)

  13. FashionMIKE, what kind of filter are you using? I love the cool vibe it gives to your shot. Or are you just reducing your blue tint in a photo editor on your pc?
  14. I am using Microsoft Picture It and just playing with all the side functions until I like it lol.. There are certain filters you can pick, but I like making it myself =]
  15. I think some of the Les Extrodinares pieces are definatley fine art!