LV section Closed. How long does it usually take to get back up??

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  1. ive never seen this happen before. How long does it usually shut down for???

  2. ohh sorry....there was already a sticky from Vlad about it. well anyways....any idea how long it will take?? im dyin here!
  3. :wtf: Wow, I've never seen it completely shut down like that. I'm kinda goin crazy, too. I guess we have no choice but to patiently wait it out. That's the only handbag section I ever go to. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before we're talking about our lv's!!
  4. I hope it goes up soon because I wanted to make my 1000th post there! LOL
  5. i just noticed it was closed too. i just logged on to ask a question. maybe 1 of you might know. besides calling and asking for the price of each specific bag in the LV boutique, how else can i find out the prices for everything? is Eluxury a good guide? is it usually the same, higher, or lower than you find it in the store if you walked in? thanks for your help.
  6. starting threads and talking amongst yourselves will not bring it back faster.
    It was closed for a reason, LV threads are not to be started.
    Have questions? PM Vlad.
  7. Mind You All..this Is The Third Thread Closed On This Subject.....
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