LV secret zip around wallet

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've always had long wallets, and currently have an Hermes silk in wallet. It's nice and big, and I can fit all my cards, and cash, and some notes.
    But when I travel internationally and don't carry all the points and stores cards, but mostly credit cards and cash, and coins.
    I was in search for a small wallet but wasn't a fan of any wallets I've seen so far.
    Until I saw this lv compact zippy secret wallet in gorgeous empreinte leather at my local lv store.
    I like that its zip around wallet, meaning all y things are safe inside. And I like that I can fit all cah inside.
    But it's about $900 in my store and for this money I can get a Chanel wallet.

    Does anyone have it? Any opinions on it?
    Thanks for reading and replying!
  2. It's a gorgeous wallet and looks like it can fit a lot. I don't have it as I dont prefer short wallets but the leather is luxurious and can expand quite a bit. Good luck!
  3. Thanks, Dawn72!

    I'm really interested in buying it right now... But really want to hear if there's any feedback on it. Like for instance, if there is enough room for cash. I wonder if I put enough cash in it, would I be able to close the zipper?

    I didn't find any pictures in this forum thou...
  4. I can't speak personally for the wallet but I'd imagine it would get bulky if you had too much cash in it. Otherwise it's beautiful!

    Have you checked out the zippy compact wallet? It's not available in empreinte but it has more room for cash and you can stuff it pretty full and still close it w/out any issues.
  5. NWGal,
    Thanks for the reply!

    I was considering the zippy compact but its still to big for my usual travel needs and similar size wise to the usual long wallets.

    There are not too many small wallets out there... Hmmm...
  6. You can check out the men's wallets. Some of them are deliberately designed to be smaller than the women's equivalents. Also, you might be interested in the pocket organizer - it's kind of like a wallet / card holder combo, and is definitely pretty compact in comparison to something like the zippy which is designed to hold a sh*&load of stuff.
  7. What about the zcp?
  8. The thing is when I travel I tend to use only two cards but mostly cash and change.
    So I need a wallet that would hold cash and change, and its impossible with the pocket organizer.
    I will check the men's wallets, thanks!

    Gabz, I'm considering the zippy too but the cash needs to be folded which s not that handy. And the coins go right there too...

    Searching for the perfect small wallet, lol!
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    Ok, here are a few links that I thought might be appropriate for you from the men's line. Obviously, empreinte isn't available, but perhaps you'll like one of them...

    Brazza Wallet in Taiga

    Tanon Wallet in Mono Macassar

    Colombus Wallet in Mono

    James Wallet in Mono - The James Wallet is the only billfold out of these 4, but there are some pics of the interior here if you're still interested.

    The James is available in Damier Graphite, Damier Ebene, Monogram, and Infini. The Brazza is available in Damier Graphite, Damier Ebene, Monogram, Infini, Taiga, and Epi, so that'd at least give you some more options as far as colorways and patterns.
  10. I have it, and yes, I think it could handle a stack of cash.

    I only have three cards that I use regularly, so I keep those in the three card slots. Meanwhile, in the big cash 'bill pouch', I keep two stacks of cards/insurance cards/insurance papers/etc. Like, where one half of a dollar bill would go, is one stack of extraneous cards, and likewise another stack at the other half of the hyppothetical dollar bill. It equates to what would hypothetically be a thick stack of cash, somewhere between 1/16 and 1/8 inch thick? And it closes fine.

    (I keep those extraneous cards/papers in the cash pouch, but keep my actual cash in the coin section with my coins. I don't carry much cash, but do have to carry insurance papers for two cars, insurance cards for two people, auto club, drivers license, etc etc.)

    But yeah, I'd say it could handle a nice stack of cash.
    Card slots only numbers three though (which is good for me, and sounds like it would be good for you travelling too).
    I can try to get pics later this evening.
  11. Following up my earlier post with a pic below. You can see two cards in the three slot holders ... I usually have three cards in those three slots. I keep some coins in the zipped coin section, along with some folded bills.

    But what I actually wanted to point out was all those cards/folded insurance papers/etc, that I keep in what's supposed to be the "large bills pouch". See those two white stacks? Daughter is trying to hold open the "bills pouch." Each of those stacks is 1/4 inch thick (yes, I used a ruler). So that's "almost" equivalent to carrying a stack of paper money about 1/4 inch thick. I think? And it closes without even the slightest hint of tightness. I mean not even a hint of tightness. I could easily get more thickness in there if I wanted (or replace it with a stack of paper bills of the same thickness, I would think). It does hold a good bit more than ZCP.
  12. Thank you for posting momtok! Does the wallet "bulge" if its stuffed? The empreinte leather is softer so I was wondering if it tends to take on the shape of its contents. Thanks!
  13. I'll be honest, I've never had enough in it to make it bulge. You can see the thickness I carry, and it certainly doesn't bulge with that. (There are also some coins in the coin zip, plus a few folded bills.) If you want me to try to make it bulge, I'll have to get a stack of scrap paper and just start stuffing. :smile:

    It's really very forgiving, to be honest. I have ZCPs too, and this is definitely more forgiving. The stiffer leather inside the ZCPs, combined with the "gussetting" of the ZCPs's sides, makes the ZCP more resistant to closing if you put a lot in. It makes you worry if you're hurting the ZCP. The leather inside the empreinte wallet is softer, more flexible, and not gussetted. I think that's why even with a lot in it, you don't feel like you're "forcing" it closed. Hope that makes sense.
  14. Momtok, how long have you had your beautiful wallet? Do you find it's holding up well? I also want this, but am having trouble shelling out so much money for a wallet! I also have concerns about glazing cracking on the edges and if the leather will still look beautiful several years down the line... If I buy it, I intend to use mine daily till it falls apart.