LV Secret Santa...Need Opinions...

  1. Hi all,

    Yea I can I even be thinking of secret santa LOL Anyhow I need your opinions.
    We always talked about doing the LV Secret Santa....but just recently I got approval from Megs/Vlad to do a tPF-wide Secret Santa, and an announcement will be put at the top of the forum.
    requirements for that one will be the same as this RAOK...except it'll be one gift with a strict price range of $30-50 USD (or whatever your currency is).
    My reasoning for doing it is to try to have some friendships made outside of our normal subforums!!!

    So my question....

    Do you want an LV-only Secret Santa in light of this other Secret Santa program?

    Which is your preference?

    I really don't want to do an LV-only if only 10-15 people will participate in it! So I'm not asking for a committment....but just your opinion!

  2. I am interested in participating in an LV secret santa for sure. I never have time to participate in the LV RAOK due to my schedule and I'd love to show an LV forum member some LoVe. I would also be interested in the tpf secret santa, although i rarely venture outside of the lv and chanel forums. It will help expand my boundaries! ;) Thanks for arranging this! You are so thoughtful!
  3. Thanks mmc!!!! Keep 'em coming everyone!! Without input I can't do what y'all want!!!

    I myself would probably participate in both!
  4. I'm right there with mmcgurgan. I don't have time to participate in the ongoing RAOK, but would totally love to. So a one time secret santa time would suit.

    Although I admit I can't think past Halloween yet.
  5. I'd much rather participate in a forum-wide Secret Santa!

    There are so many people I don't know on this forum since I don't frequent all of the others :biggrin:
  6. ^^^the forum wide one is being done no matter what...I'm just hoping to get a sense if everyone wants an LV-only one too!!!
  7. Hmm i wouldnt mind doing a LV secret santa cause i always like to get to know people better on here and i gives me more of a reason to go around LV!!!:graucho:! but yea it would be really nice to meet others too!:yes: i'm soo excited !
  8. I'd love to do a LV only secret santa! I'm still pretty new to the LV forum and would definitely love to get to know the lovely ladies and gentlemens on here!
  9. LV secret santa gets my vote.
  10. I vote for an LV Secret Santa as well. :tup:
  11. I've never done anything like this on here before but I'd definately be interested...sounds like alot of fun. Count me in!!
  12. I would do both :tup:
  13. oooooooooo!! me me! i would love to do one :] im excited already :]
  14. Hi Naomi, I have some suggestions but I would like to PM you :smile:
  15. Naomi~ I am kind of on the fence. I love the idea of both! But...$$$ wise..I would only be able to do one or the other. With the other 2 ROAKS I am involved in. ...hmmmm:supacool: