Lv screws canadians again

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  1. So to prefice this I am in canada several hrs from a boutique
    I also cannot have deliveries come to my office
    When lv shipped fedex i ordered online w no issues
    Well theu switched tp ups and if you are not - you know you actually work for a living - you cannot hold your to pickup from ups. They will attempt to deliver 3 times and that is it. There is no redirect or holds for canadians only Americans

    So i guess that's it for me no way to purchase more pieces. My order eill get returned next week and i will get a refund

    Lv finds yet anther way to screw canadians
  2. LV won't allow the package to be picked up by a ups store close to ur house? Unless things changed, I remember ordering from LV and the lazy UPS man lied and said he rang my doorbell. Long story short, they did not redeliver, they left it at UPS store so I picked it up from ups store close to my house.
    Oh I'm in Canada too. If they changed the policy then that really stinks.
  3. They only allow that in america apparently not canada
  4. They used to. That's a step backward for LV. Like what? If u can't have it delivered to work they expect u to stay home for a delivery? That's really dumb of LV to do this.
  5. Yup. Guess i need tocfind somewhere new to shop
  6. I'm sorry they screwed up like this. If u have a friend or family member at home in the days maybe u call ups and have them redeliver it to there. Crazy, but that might be best if it can be done.
  7. I was told all i can do is reorder and ship to someone else bt im not interested in having 2 on visa at once
  8. Yup- time to find a new place to shop....
  9. I've picked up my LV deliveries from UPS lots of times, last time was aprox 2 months ago.

    I got a LV delivery today delivered to my home, but in the UPS e-mail they send you there is an option on the tracking summary page to change the delivery. One option is for UPS to hold your shipment for pick up. I didn't change it this time as I knew I would be for pick up, I am in Canada too.
    How did you try to change the delivery type, off the website and it didn't work?
  10. No i called ups then i called lv (3 differrnt times). They couldnt help so i had them request to hwve the order returned to them for a refund
  11. I'm pretty certain @slang is correct. I've had the same issue with a local shipper here and was extremely frustrated that I couldn't do anything about my package, but it was only when I went to the website did I realize that there *are* other options.

    Please check out (this info is for Canada):
    Or google 'ups change your delivery Canada' if the link doesn't land you on that page.
  12. I'm surprised for the UPS. Since my previous deliveries did allow me to have it held by their outlet or their major sort center (I am in Canada as well). Have you confirm again? If not, it is a new times to shop elsewhere.
  13. According to ups lv specifically blocked thag option and according to lv ups intl doesnt offer it. Wtf
  14. I have UPS deliver to my work all the time - fedex too. I'm not sure why they won't deliver to yours? If you sign up for "my UPS" you can arrange to have it delivered to a UPS store after the first attempt.
  15. Not sure about Canada but sometimes with UPS shipments you can't change the delivery to be held at a UPS store until after the first delivery attempt. Sometimes you can though, so I think that is determined somehow by the shipper. But if you go online at first once you have the tracking number it can be misleading because that option doesn't show yet.