LV Scarves matchup

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  1. Hi all, i just purchased a LV scarf/muffler. I'm attaching the pic that comes closest to the design from elux (didn't see the actual one up). I didn't buy the matching skull hat, i just thought it too much LV logo blasting. But then, would you wear the LV scarf with a logo bag? Or would it be too much?

    My scarf is beige and cream with slightly smaller LV lettering.

  2. I would!!
  3. Pretty:love: , and yes!:yes:
  4. I have to say I probably wouldn´t. I love those mufflers!
  5. as long the same color tone..
  6. yup, if it matches well
  7. I just saw that muffler yesterday at my store. It was AU$580. I love it, so gorgeous and warm.
  8. If it matches well-yes
  9. Nice scarf but don't think i would wear with a mono bag, maybe, don't know, although I can picture it on a cold day with my nice leather bomber & my speedy LOL
  10. :yes:
  11. :woohoo: ME likey matchy matchy! :woohoo:

    I'd wear it together with a mono bag! Love it. Great buy! I'm jealous. lol
  12. wow- congrats! this would be perfect for me up here!!
  13. I think that either with a damier or epi in black would be awesome!
  14. if the contrast of the mono and the background isn't too striking or distinct i think it would be fine with a Monogram bag :yes: otherwise, it'll be better with Epi or Suhali.