LV Scarf .. what do you think?

  1. Hello
    I love these beautiful scarfes from lv. I think they are so cute and beautiful. At events as a accessoire or like a normal scarf outside in the winter. They are very special to me.

    I like this scarf a lot. what do you think about it? do you like the colour?

    and know anybody the name of it? or price?

    thanks :smile:

  2. I think it's just called the "Monogram Shawl". It's so pretty IRL!

    OT: The guy in the second pic is a HOTTIE!!! :drool:
  3. yep it's the shawl which makes it even more versatile go for it they are gorgeous!
  4. The lurex shawl! They are so beautiful in real life. Very soft and silky. Definitely worth getting one!
  5. and whats the whole name of it? "monogram lurex shawl"?
    When I go to the lv store I must know how the name of it is ;)

    how much it costs?

    and you like the colour? whats the name of the colour?
  6. So gorgeous, especially now that winter is coming (and ironically, there's an antique shall banner advertisement on the bottom of the page right now)
  7. I'm not certain but I don't think it's the lurex shawl that has a colour band around the edge the same shade as the pattern but in the first pic you can see the edge and no band I think it's just the monogram shawl in Camel
  8. thank you so much for the name and the colour:love:

    do you know the price?^^
  9. it's £190 so double that and that's the very approx price in $$
  10. 255 Euros in France. So I think 275 euros in Germany.

    thats a good price. Friday I go to the store and take a look:smile:
  11. I love this scarf its so great, I want one sooo badly!!!!

    ^ Thats what I was thinking!!!! :love::drool::girlsigh:
  12. nice. i really like it. actually i might go for something like this instead of the winter cashmere scarf i was looking at.
  13. It is so cute!
  14. I want one so bad, I'm trying to figure out a way to justify a $380 shawl lol!