LV Scarf...what do u use it for?

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  1. Do you actually wear them? or do you tie it around the handle of a bag? Does it make the bag look "old fashion"?
  2. I tie mine to my bags or put them in my hair.
  3. I wear mine around my neck or tie them to a bag
  4. I wear mine on my head or attach it to my bags.
  5. I love the groom scarf on any handles
  6. I have my bandeau on my speedy!:yes:
  7. You can also lace them through your belt holes in your pants and wear them around your waist!!
  8. ^^ :yes: :yes: :yes:
  9. I like them on bags.
  10. I like them on bags too :smile: See my avatar photo :smile: A scarf's colors instantly changes the look of a bag and tied differently, your look changes too. Experiment and see for yourself :smile:
  11. I wear mine round my hair or my neck
  12. Oooh Kimm cute idea!!
  13. On my bags around my wrist for small ones. on my head, or aroung my neck for large ones.
  14. I only have a small scarf -- I tie it to my bag or wear it in my hair.
  15. I have a long, cream-colored silk LV scarf... bought it in NYC when I was visiting. I have yet to wear it, but I plan to wear it around my neck, doubled up.
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