LV Scarf owners !!! help please!

  1. It started with this. I saw the V historique scarf in blue on LV website and felt in love. Now i saw one eBay going for very cheap.

    So i wonder why would some one sell LV for that cheap. But the pic looks so good. To me i cant tell if its fake or not. SO i asked for the tag pic. Then she reply with this. (posted below). I have very little experience with wool scarf

    So anyone scarf experts help me out identify this!!

    Thanks heaps
  2. Hard to tell just from the tag
  3. but will be more happy if some on on PF get it tho :smile:
  4. looks good to me. The font on the tag seems right, but most of mine are the "folded" rectangular kind....
  5. oh i just realized she took down the BIN option. It was $99.99 BIN :sad: i almost hit it. Now i wonder how high it might go to.
  6. Sorry...a word to the wise... that is just too good to be true.
    No one would sell an authentic scarf like that for BIN of $99...seriously. Of course this is just my opinion.
  7. My new scarf had a code on it. Check for that too.
  8. u mean datecode? on where?
  9. I have this scarf. There is no date code on it.
  10. Looks authentic to me - thought mine is in black/gray.
  11. Ya I agree, I think all scarves don't have datecodes. On the tag, you often see this white sticker but i dunno what it means
  12. ITA:yes: