LV scam in Paris

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  1. This is for all visitors who will be shopping at LV Boutiques in Paris, especially for those who don't speak French and English. I heard this several times before and it also happened to my friends (Chinese) not long ago in LV Boutiques in Paris.

    Each victims paid the LV bags in cash to the SA who served them. Then the SA went in and you will probably think that she / he is preparing the receipt and wrapping the bags for you. After a long wait, around 30minis, the victims asked the SA about the bags they paid for, the SA said he / she DID NOT receive any cash. And the SA even denied that he / she is the one who served and received the cash. These SA just bet that the victims cannot speak English and will fall into the scam and leave the shop empty handed. I am not sure about other victims, but my friend can speak good English and keep on asking the cash back. The SA kept on saying did not receive any cash. Then a boutique manager was called and I am sure the manager knows about this scam as this probably isn't the first time. The boutique manager just said can't help, etc. Then my friend asked to call for Police and check the CCTV. After a long argument, the SA and the boutique manger know that they cannot get away with this, they just return the cash to my friend and said other SA made mistake and there were some confusion and bla bla bla.

    Can you believe this happens in LV boutique's original place, Paris? Please share your experience if you heard any scam in other cities apart from Paris.
  2. wow.... would that be possible? but no one stupid enough would actually go out of the store empty handed if they knew that that really paid for an item right... wow Im lost for words... these incidents really do happen after all:tdown:
  3. this is very serious... will take note of this when im there.
  4. i think its more likely a misunderstanding than an outright scam.
  5. way.......serious.......this is tooooo much scandal...if it is...
  6. get a hold of yourself... you're only reading 2nd hand information.
  7. No :nogood:, I find it all a little hard to believe. It kinda sounds like an urban myth to me.

    Anecdotal evidence, even presented by friends, is less statistically reliable than other sort of evidence and by definition lacks credibility.

    If anything, it may have been a misunderstanding.
  8. :tup:

  9. exactly! im going to file this with the "my LV boutique sold me a fake" stories.
  10. i find this pretty much hard to believe, considering the amount of security, SA's and tourist at the Paris store....

    The mothership would be even harder to rob than a bank, let alone SA's trying to scam tourists
  11. I highly doubt it!!!!
  12. I doubt that ever really happened. It is not only a felony, but would also get the people involved fired with a bad reference from LV.
  13. nah...never heard of such
  14. boring!!!!!!
  15. :huh: