LV SAs required to wear gloves now?

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  1. So, interesting thing happened today...and please don't mind me if this was something already known in other areas, but in my area (New Jersey), I'm just seeing it for the first time today.

    I went into LV to buy something, and when I asked to look at an item (wallet), the SA put on black gloves to show me it; I asked her if this was something new and she said "yes, we are now required to wear gloves when showing items, but you can touch them.. we just can't while showing unless we're wearing these."

    They were cute black gloves though, LOL.

    I don't know if this is a store-by-store thing or all over, because last week at my other LV store in River Edge, NJ, they didn't do it.

    Stepping up their game to match Hermes perhaps?:P
  2. Wouldn't have known. The ones at mine wear white ones on one hand, like the kind you use when gilding, and only recently noticed it. Seems like a moot effort.
  3. Huh, I've been in like 3x in the last week or so and they never wore gloves. I've only seen this when I look at high end watches... I actually snagged a Breitling pair, they're really cool!
  4. The store I go to at the Stanford shopping center does this too, but they use white gloves. The first time I saw this I was so impressed. It truly made me feel special.
  5. They did in Dallas for a little while last year but seems like they all stopped. It's a shame some of the customers don't have to wear them though. They showed me a capucines that someone had rubbed make up on!
  6. They weren't wearing gloves at the Oakbrook Il store I was in last month. I was expecting it but was glad to not see it. I think it's a little too stuffy and might make customers feel like they can't touch the goods. Lol.
  7. I think it's a good idea and many other countries' luxury stores do that and no I do not think customers should touch the bags so much. Because in the end you'd be upset to buy one with stains and such and that's exactly what's going to happen with so many people touching the bags.
  8. I'm always thinking that LV should implement allowing showcasing display item to try on and not to be sold at all. If a customer want the item they are trying out, the SA should bring out the item out in the back, not used to the customer who is wanting to buy it. The only exception is the fine jewelry, and their famous hard side luggages. :lol:
    I mean how would we know if we truly want the item we want with out touching or trying out in general?

    I think if they just showcase only display item to be touch and warn, not to be sold at all would help to avoid getting an item that been slightly damage from being touched and used all the time in the first place.
  9. Today in zurich (switzerland) they also wore black gloves

  10. That's what I also think and would appreciate😉
  11. I would be happy as well...but I wouldn't mind getting a display item especially when the product is a limited edition item or the item would soon be phased out. That when I could care less unless the item is slightly damage or depend how slightly damage it "looks"... :P
    I have yet to see SA using gloves since I haven't step inside LV store for awhile...should be interesting to see...
  12. In general here in the USA consumers are kind of how should I say... "Spoiled"from all the lenient policies such as return/exchange policies and the like. There's always a negative side to all the laid backness. If something is convenient for you it's equally convenient for others. People on one hand complain if they don't get a lenient return policy but yet this causes people to abuse the policy and result in receiving merchandise that's less than ideal conditions. This is same concept about trying on/ handling merchandise. No one wants sth others touched or opened etc but yet when there's a rule for this we feel inconvenienced. Remember the retail store is there to make money not like a volunteer service to offer a bunch of convenience, let you try whatever you want, admire in front of mirror and ironically those "customers" are the same ppl that constantly change their minds, make returns, complain...
  13. When I bought my neverfull about 3 wks. Ago, in the Denver store, no one wore gloves to show me ,or any of the other customers, bags
  14. Last spring in Tokyo, they ware white gloves.