LV Sarah or Chanel Long Flap wallet?

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  1. What would you choose? Was leaning toward Chanel given quality issues I've been reading about with LV. Going back and forth between:

    Chanel long rectangle flap caviar wallet
    LV Sarah in DE or Empreinte Or Epi
    Maybe even Emilie but don't like the few card slots.

    What I like is the inside style is similar. The Chanel wallet I'm looking at is accordion style like the Sarah/Emilie, not the bi-tri-fold style.

    Thanks for your opinions!!!
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  2. I'll choose chanel because I love the look of the long flap caviar wallet. It's so classy. But I also appreciate the 16 card slots on the LV Sarah. :amuse:
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  3. I have the LV Sarah and really like its sturdiness. Chanel may be more delicate if lambskin (which is what I have for both my Chanel slgs). Pricing wise as Chanel is entirely leather it may be more worth it than all canvas LV. I don't have a long Chanel wallet, mine is compact small wallet but I love its luxuriousness.
  4. I hv only 1 chanel flap wallet in caviar. The tri fold. I hv quite a few lv wallets in vernis, canvas and recently just bought a sarah in empreinte. What i can say is that... Chanel wallet has material as lining whereas lvleather wallets have leather as lining. Frankly i love my lv wallets more.
  5. I have a Sarah in Empreinte and just love it, it's so spacious I've never had such a 'tidy' and organised looking wallet when I open it up. I'd be a bit scared of a Chanel lambskin wallet; I've not had one before but have had a Dior lambskin one which I only used a couple times and then sold, as each time I used it I could see what wear had been added to it. I like a wallet that's going to last for years. I've not had my Sarah very long but so far so good :smile:
  6. Wallets are usually one of the most used items, so I say LV because they are a lot more durable then a Chanel Lambskin Wallet in my opinion. Good luck!!
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  7. Hi JC
    I have both and filmed a video comparing the two. Hope it helps :smile:
  8. What a helpful comparison video - very informative!! Thank you.
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  9. Yay so glad you liked it!
  10. Great comparison video :tup:
  11. Thank you

  12. :smile:
  13. I have a Sarah in Vernis and love it to death. I do not own a Chanel long wallet, but do have two card holders both in caviar. I have been using my flat Chanel card holder almost daily for the past 6 months and it is pretty indestructible. Because it's an SLG, it does get thrown around quite a bit in my bag, but it still looks pretty new. The only wear I see is on the corners, but that is very very minimal. As much as I love Chanel caviar, I do love my Sarah. However, since I don't own one in the canvas print, I have no advice for you. But, I am planning on getting a canvas one in the DE print soon. Gosh, this is a hard decision to make! I'm so sorry I am of no help :sad:. GLD!
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